Summer recipe “ Sauteed Kamaboko and Tomatoes with Cardamom Spice”

A healthy and refreshing dish for a summer evening is agekama and fresh seasonal tomatoes with the freshness flavors of cardamom and lemon. The tomato is one of the most popular vegetables eaten in Japan and the world, with over 8,000 different varieties. The popular Momotaro and Aiko are Japanese varieties that are known for …

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Enjoying Texture and Taste with Chikuwa

Chikuwa 竹輪 can be translated as “Bamboo Rings” because of their likeness to cut bamboo stalks. Chikuwa is fish paste that has been grilled on a skewer. It is a popular Japanese food enjoyed as an appetizer paired with beer or in a lunch box.
This Suzuhiro product is the “Hyakunen Chikuwa” (The 100 year chikuwa) and represents the accumulated knowledge, passion, and skill that craftspeople at Suzuhiro have gained over the past 100 years.


A delicious bite size grilled Kamaboko with a four blend cheese or mentaiko Since its launch, Puchikama has been loved by people of all ages, young and old, as it can be enjoyed in a single bite as a snack or lunch for children or adults. The key to the taste that keeps people coming …

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Oden and Kamaboko

What is the best season for oden? It is said that the popularity of oden skyrockets in autumn when it gets a little chilly and around the time of the Great Cold, Daikan 大寒,  one of the 24 solar terms in the ancient Japanese calendar. Watching sports on TV during the long autumn nights. Oden …

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