Elennagosso is a fresh and healthy organic buffet restaurant using locally grown seasonal vegetables and seafood. We offer over 50 assorted dishes including; Kamaboko, salad, seafood, soups, grilled meats, curry and more to choose from. Enjoy a culinary chance to explore and enjoy the tastes of Odawara and Hakone.

We offer assorted dishes reflecting the seasonality and availability of local products. Each buffet includes appetizers, salad, soup, entrees, noodles, and rice (noodles are often only served at lunch time), desserts and beverages from the beverage bar. Our chefs change our menu monthly. Alcoholic drinks and special fruit juices will incur an additional charge.

Lunch menu example

・Chef`s Grilled Chicken with Shiso herb sauce ・Salad Bar ・Suzuhiro Kamaboko assorted collection ・Minestrone Soup ・Cherry blossom shrimp bruschetta ・Spicy "Hakone Mountain Pork" salad ・Mac and Cheese with scallops and bamboo shoots ・Spring vegetables and chicken curry rice ・Bolognese spaghetti with spring vegetables ・Fish and chips battered with Hakone Beer ・Seasonal Chiffon cake ・Green tea mousse

Brunch menu example

・Chef`s best French toast ・Salad Bar ・Suzuhiro Kamaboko assorted selection ・Local onion and corn soup ・Japanese styled fried chicken ・Seafood sausage and summer vegetable ratatouille ・Tomato and bacon bruschetta ・Local rice ・Rice flour pop-over bread ・Seasonal Chiffon cake ・Local orange mousse


Lunch 11:00 – 16:00 ¥2420 (tax excluded)

Weekend & Holidays

Brunch 9:30 – 11:00 ¥1870 Lunch 11:00– 17:00 ¥2750

Child (age4-12) Half price

Child (3 and under) Free

Local & Sustainable

The selections at Elennagosso are the product of the Suzuhiro commitment to sustainability and local produce. We do our best to source fish from the local Odawara fish market, grow our organic vegetables using fish bone fertilizer, and more. We are proud to offer a delicious buffet for you to discover the tastes of the area.

Phone: 0120-07-4547

Kamaboko is an authentic Japanese seafood, with a history dating back to the 12th century. Eaten by samurai and nobility, it is now a popular healthy food enjoyed all over Japan. Suzuhiro has continued the traditional art of making kamaboko for generations.