Hakone Beer

Hakone Beer

Award Winning Craft Japanese Beer

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A light, refreshing , and flavorful beer. A balance of hoppy and malty flavors, with a clear finish. Awarded at the Japan Brewers Cup 2016. ALC 5.5%

Mild taste yet rich flavor, with a warm dark caramel aroma. A winner at the Asia Beer Cup. ALC5%


Harumeki Pale Ale

This spring beer has a very hoppy flavor. Full of hoppy and citrus aromas. Awarded at Asia Beer Cup. ALC5.5%


Ashigara Weizen

A wheat beer with a smooth and refreshing taste. A fresh beer with a sweet banana aroma. Awarded 5 times at the International Beer Cup. ALC4.5%


Koyurugi Brown

Very rich flavor with a malty and sweet aroma. A smooth and rich Ale. International beer cup 2014. ALC5%


Kazamatsuri Stout

Strong flavors from roasted malt. Caramel and fruity aroma to warm you in winter. 2nd at the Asia Beer Cup. ALC7.5%

Join a guided Tasting Tour

We have guided English tours featuring a tasting of three types of Hakone Beer and Local Sake paired with various types of delicious Kamaboko and seasonal Japanese foods made by a kaiseki chef overlooking a Japanese garden.

Why does a 150 year old Kamaboko Company make Great Craft Beer?

Suzuhiro has been creating seafood products for more than 150 years. With pure spring water and a desire to brew a beer matching the flavors of Japanese food we created something special.

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