Curry flavored Surimi Croquette


(For 40 small croquettes)

(A)  Surimi Base Ingredients 

100g Suzuhiro Surimi Powder

400cc milk

100cc heavy cream 

55g whole egg (1 egg)

2g garam masala

1g turmeric

(B) Additional Ingredients

200g peeled shrimp

200g scallops

20g scallion

50g shiitake mushrooms

4.5g salt

0.5g black pepper

(C) Batter Ingredients

40g flour

2 eggs (100g of beaten egg)

100g bread crumbs or Panko 

Oil to fry


How to make

1, Chop the peeled shrimp, scallops, scallions, and Shiitake mushrooms into 3-4mm cubes.

2, Make the surimi base. Put all the (A) ingredients for the surimi base (Suzuhiro Surimi powder, milk, heavy cream, beaten eggs, garam masala, and turmeric) into a food processor and mix.

 Mix for about 2 minutes, then mix once with a spatula, and mix again in the food processor for a few minutes.

3, Transfer the base from the food processor to a bowl and mix with the chopped shrimp, scallop, Shiitake mushroom, scallion, salt and pepper.

4, Form the Surimi (3) into egg shapes of about 40g each. (It is better to soak your hands in water before forming so the Surimi doesn’t stick to your hands)

5, Steam at 85℃ (185F) for 15 minutes.

6, During steaming, mix eggs and flour to make batter. 

7. Dip in batter liquid and coat with bread crumbs.

8, Deep-fry in oil at 160℃ (320F) for 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown.

※ If you want the inside to be softer, add more water to the basic surimi base, or mix with a bowl and spatula instead of using a food processor.